The Lusty Mannequins are: Alastair Forbes, Ashley Comeau, Karen Parker & Connor Thompson

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"The Lusty Mannequins infuse their comedy with a strong dose of intellectual humor." 

Amanda Campbell, TWISI

"Ashley Comeau’s character work is always polished to a mirrored sheen, even as her confederates contort her into something truly ludicrous." (Sundown)

Mike Andersen, Mooney on Theatre

"Connor Thompson steals the show as an idiot-savant..." (Rebel Without A Cosmos)

Richard Ouzounian, Toronto Star 

"(Karen)’s a Canadian Comedy Award winner, a professionally trained actor and Second City main stage alum where she displayed bang-on comic timing." (SheDot Festival)

Denis Grignon, Toronto Star

"The writing in both is solid, but the performers sharpen each scene with their physicality, especially Forbes, a tall and lanky clown who's unafraid to look silly." (Dreams Really Do Come True (And Other Lies)

Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine

"Ashley Comeau has a talent for what can only be called angry humour, throwing giant false rages to huge comedic effect." (We've Totally (Probably) Got This)

Chris Dart, Torontoist