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The Lusty Mannequins won the 2019 Comedy Characters of the Year Award from The Phoenix Remix UK! 

Read our featured interview online here: 

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                               Review from The List Magazine UK for 'Uncommonwealth'

Canadian sketch group brings easy laughter across the pond!

When a group of comedians appear in near complete darkness, save for an eerie red glow enveloping the stage, with 'Mad World' by Gary Jules playing in the background, it could really go either way. With Lusty Mannequins, it could not go much better.

The first sketch throws you straight in, as the two women discuss the benefits of shouting into their male counterparts' crotch areas to unload the overbearing effects of the patriarchy. They are obviously very comfortable around each other, and that very necessary camaraderie comes through more strongly as the hour progresses. Even if you're trying to avoid overly political comedy this festival season, Uncommonwealth manages to strike a good balance between approaching current topics such as the #MeToo and anti-vaxer movements, and presenting scenes as nonsensically funny as a dog high on magic mushroom chocolate.

Lusty Mannequins are incredibly talented, and not just because their sketches are rehearsed to perfection. One particular number, filled with improvisation drawn from audience interaction, will thoroughly convince you that they can truly do it all. A treat.

Sofia Matias, The List UK

"The Lusty Mannequins infuse their comedy with a strong dose of intellectual humor." 

Amanda Campbell, TWISI

"Ashley Comeau’s character work is always polished to a mirrored sheen, even as her confederates contort her into something truly ludicrous." (Sundown)

Mike Andersen, Mooney on Theatre

"Connor Thompson steals the show as an idiot-savant..." (Rebel Without A Cosmos)

Richard Ouzounian, Toronto Star 

"(Karen)’s a Canadian Comedy Award winner, a professionally trained actor and Second City main stage alum where she displayed bang-on comic timing." (SheDot Festival)

Denis Grignon, Toronto Star

"The writing in both is solid, but the performers sharpen each scene with their physicality, especially Forbes, a tall and lanky clown who's unafraid to look silly." (Dreams Really Do Come True (And Other Lies)

Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine

"Ashley Comeau has a talent for what can only be called angry humour, throwing giant false rages to huge comedic effect." (We've Totally (Probably) Got This)

Chris Dart, Torontoist

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